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Vegan Lemon Banana Ricotta Pancakes

“Mmmm, delicious! Decadent! To die for!” These are the words that will come out your mouth after tasting these delicious vegan pancakes. These Vegan Lemon Banana Ricotta Pancakes are unreal. They are flecked with blueberries, adding flavor and color. They are slightly fluffy on the outer edges, with a more dense middle that is scrumptious. As you slowly chew on these warm, soft pancakes you will feel the sweetness tingling on your taste buds.

Served with maple syrup, rich cream, chopped nuts or fruit, pancakes are one of the most favorite foods especially for breakfast and brunch. Fluffy, flavorful, moist thin flat cakes – these are the basic description for pancakes. But these words are not enough to describe this vegan version. Golden brown, melt-in-the-mouth, fruity punch are what this recipe offers!

how to make vegan lemon banana ricotta pancakes with dried blueberries campote These pancakes are bursting with fruity flavor due to a handful of blueberries. They are crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. And they are not dry at all. The lemon makes them so refreshing. It’s amazing. The combination of oats, bananas, cashew cheese, almond milk, and raw honey came through nicely. This stack has the best texture – spongy in the middle, and golden-crisp on the outside. Finally, thrown with some chopped nuts on top, they become more luscious.

This vegan breakfast recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Food By Mars. You can get this Vegan Lemon Banana Ricotta Pancakes With Dried Blueberry Compote Recipe by clicking here. For another amazing vegan blueberry pancake recipe with a rich, thick, 5 minute blueberry sauce, click the recipe pic below.

vegan pancakes with fresh blueberry sauce

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