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Vegan Lemon Bars

Embrace your taste for delicious vegan lemon desserts. This easy vegan recipe offers new twist to this tangy ingredient that will please your taste buds. These Vegan Lemon Bars are super refreshing and seriously delicious.

Being a vegan can involve some sacrifice. But not where dessert is involved. Plant based versions of desserts are quick, easy and delicious. Having a recipe like this one is important. It is healthier and inexpensive. Lemons are a vegan food you can always add more of to your diet and feel good about it.

vegan lemon bars easy healthy plant based diet

This yummy vegan dessert recipe uses less than 10 ingredients and yet it is still creamy, satisfying, indulgent and oh-so-lemony! All-purpose flour, dairy-free margarine, powdered sugar, silken tofu, lemon, corn starch and nutritional yeast – don’t you just love the combo? These are just amazing!

What more to love about these little treats? First they have a nice, crispy crust. Then when you bite, you will feel that there is a creamy lemon center. It’s like an explosion of sweet lemon goodness inside your mouth! To top it off, there is a little powdered sugar to sweeten the deal. These vegan treats are beautiful too. When you see them you can’t resist having a bite.

how to make vegan lemon bars

Are you ready to make this sweet and satisfying vegan dessert for you and your friends? Everyone will love you for your time and effort. You will be the hero of the sweet tooth cravings. You know you deserve these bars hot out of the oven. Try a slice of this goodness now!

This vegan dessert recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Namely Marly. You can get this vegan Lemon Bars Recipe by clicking the link below.


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