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Vegan Lemon Bites With Coconut And Baobab

So basically, these Vegan Raw Lemon Bites With Coconut And Baobab are so healthy and easy to make but still taste absolutely wonderful. Perfectly light, sized just right for snacking, and perfectly sweetened.

I’m someone that just loves the taste and flavor of coconut. I drink coconut water every day, use coconut milk and creme in recipes, and shredded coconut is amazing on delicious vegan desserts. If you are a fan of that sweet natural coconut flavor then you will love this to make vegan raw lemon bites with coconut and baobabCoconut may be one of the world’s best vegan foods. It’s lightly sweet, has amazing healthy fats, and it can be used in so many different ways. The health benefits are impressive too so you can feel good about a vegan diet that includes the various forms of coconut.

Unlike most recipes, this one figured out the secret to becoming the most epic bites. But wait, it gets better. These little lemon bites are fresh and boost flavor and extra vitamin C. The cashews and shredded coconut combined really well and then rolled into small balls. They look tight and come out nice, uniform shape and light. The shredded coconut covering the lemon bites are heavenly. It’s one of the best presentation and food idea. This recipe will dominate the simple but totally scrumptious department.

This vegan dessert recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of A Million Miles. You can get this Vegan Raw Lemon Bites With Coconut And Baobab Recipe by clicking here.

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