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Vegan Lemon Chia Pudding With Mandarines

Looking for the simplest vegan breakfast recipe for taste and nutrition? This Vegan Lemon Chia Pudding With Madarines is easy, filling, light, fresh and will help you have a good mood throughout the day.

You have found the prettiest, most incredibly sweet thing that will make your morning so perfect. This recipe is screaming citrus chia pudding. It has organic untreated lemons and lots of chia seeds. This refreshing lemon pudding with mandarine slices is amazing. It’s so easy to make and requires simple ingredients. You will crave this with all your heart. Find your everlasting inner peace with this recipe. There’s no breakfast you’d rather have than this.

how to make vegan lemon chia pudding with mandarinesThis vegan breakfast smoothie is so beautiful and delicious. But it only take a couple of minutes and a few ingredients to make it happen. Below is everything you will need.

2 tbsp chia seeds
¾ cup rice-coconut milk
1 squeeze lemon
1 mandarine
lemon peel (organic, untreated)

This vegan breakfast recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Curls’N’Chard. You can get this Vegan Lemon Chia Pudding With Mandarines Recipe by clicking here.

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