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Vegan Loaded Nachos

I crave vegan nachos almost daily. This recipe for vegan loaded nachos is my new favorite. Loaded up with all the usual ingredients and sweet potatoes, you can really sink your teeth into this vegan nacho recipe. It’s “Not cho” ordinary nacho recipe. I know…bad joke. I apologize.

Imagine everything you love about nachos. Picture all of those wonderful vegan foods and ingredients. Now, add sweet potato to the mix and you have this recipe. Talk about getting a boost up in the oh wow department. These nachos will literally blow your mind. They are that good.


Of course this vegan nacho recipe is complete with things like black beans, sweet corn, fresh avocado, vegan cheese sauce, and salsa. And I don’t want to gloss over any of that like it isn’t important. In fact, that vegan cheese sauce may be the most amazing thing ever. You combine that with delicious salsa and everything else and you are on your way.

How do you like your nachos? You can customize this recipe and make it perfect for you. Forget your friends, family and guests. Make this recipe and customize it just for you. Then devour all that amazing vegan food with reckless abandonment! Less jalapeno? Do it! Want some onion? Add it! Want spicier salsa? Go for it.

As the author of this amazing vegan recipe says, “Pile on the black beans, corn, avocado, cilantro, salsa, and whatever other toppings you love for the most EPIC plate of sweet potato nachos.” Now that’s a statement we can get behind 100%. I vote we just make these nachos and eat then once a week? Shall we take a vote.


You know you want this easy vegan recipe in your life. Hat tip and credit to Emilie Eats for these amazing photos and recipe. You can get this recipe for Vegan Loaded Nachos by clicking here.

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