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Vegan Maple Blueberry Apple Crumble

Everyone loves a Vegan Maple Blueberry Apple Crumble. It’s plant-based, tasty, quick and easy, and simply a feel-good recipe.

Indulge in these crazy beautiful blueberries. It is the most hearty, crumbly, slightly sweet and full of oats, with hints of coconut oil and almond butter blueberry apple crumble recipe you’ll ever get. It’s the perfect comfort food in the summer warm weather and will remind you of your childhood. The way this recipe looks gives a mysterious and exciting feel to it. The blueberries hiding underneath the brown crumble will give you such a thrill. And the cinnamon and maple syrup infused crumbly topping is drool-worthy. This recipe is worth a try and will bring your family back to the breakfast table.  Then this luscious treat will become everyone’s favorite dessert.

how to make vegan maple blueberry apple crumble

These wonderful photos and recipe are from Ceara’s Kitchen. I know you want to taste this. You can get the recipe for this Vegan Maple Blueberry Apple Crumble here.

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