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Vegan Masala Chickpea Bowl With Spice Chana Masala Dressing

This Vegan Masala Chickpea Bowl With Spice Chana Masala Dressing is warm, spicy, and satisfying. If you’re looking for a recipe that will guarantee the person you’re cooking for will say “how did you come up with this?” then this is the recipe for you.

Chickpeas are my new favorite vegan food. So versatile and delicious. It’s amazing how many different kinds of foods you can make with the lowly chickpea. Did you know you can make this vegan marshmallow fluff with them? Incredible! They are also the centerpiece of this delicious vegan to make vegan masala chickpea bowl with spice chana masala dressingImgine this bowl of this steaming masala chickpea with green beans, brown rice, with chana masala spice cream sauce ladled over the top. If that doesn’t get you ready to eat them maybe you don’t know just how amazing the chana masala is! It’s very popular in India and Pakastan, and with good reason. It’s perfectly spicy with a slight sour citrus flavor.

This version of masala chickpea bowl is vegan of course and robust in flavor nutrients. Each layer offers a different kind of taste that come together in the most amazing way. It’s a beautiful presentation too. If you serve this for dinner your guests will be impressed. It’s also free of dairy, egg, corn, soy, gluten, and nut.

These fabulous photos and vegan recipe are invented by Vegan Richa.  You can get the Vegan Masala Chickpea Bowl With Chana Masala Spice Dressing recipe by clicking here.

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