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How Vegan Meat Sales Are Closing The Gap On Actual Meat

This year has been declared the year of the vegan. That is really exciting to hear for vegans who have been waiting for compassion and knowledge to finally make it’s way to the mainstream. Most vegans I know are very happy about it.

It’s not perfect though to be sure. The vegan movement that is sweeping the civilized world is mostly a dietary movement. It’s based mostly on people changing what they eat. Issues like clothing and other animal rights issues are lagging behind.

If you care about animals it doesn’t matter that this movement isn’t perfect. I’ll admit to you now when I went vegan it was strictly for dietary reasons. I was actually a plant based eater. But getting into it made me aware of animal abuse issues. And I embraces veganism completely.

It’s remarkable to see how fast vegan meat alternatives are gaining in sales on actual meat. Consider the following data courtesy of Food Institute.

Data from Infiniti Research even shows that vegetable proteins are closing the market share gap on animal proteins. Animal proteins currently make up 55% of the market, but plant proteins are expected to account for almost 47% of the market by 2020.

General Mills’ invested in healthy snacking startup D’s Naturals, which makes plant-based No Cow Bars and a line of dairy-free nut butters, . Meanwhile, Tyson Foods launched a $150 million investment fund called Tyson New Ventures that will focus on commercializing alternative proteins, and vegan cheese startup Miyoko’s Kitchen received $6 million in funding to build a larger facility and keep up with demand.

These traditional non-vegan companies now investing in vegan foods has raised eyebrows of vegans everywhere. Many say don’t support them. Others say we should support them because getting big industry on the vegan band wagon is the best way to make vegan eating catch on.

Is it perfect yet? Absolutely not. Only seeing the dietary aspects of veganism catch on is only a start. But it is a start and opens the door and conversation about the greating issue of animal rights around the world. It’s a conversation that is long overdue.

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  1. Nice to see big business competing rather than throwing a hissy fit and trying to litigate the little guy out of business. I hope the venture is successful.

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