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Vegan Mexican Pizza

At our house we love vegan Mexican night. We do tacos, nachos, fajitas and more. But our favorite is Vegan Mexican Pizza. Mexican Pizza night is the one everyone gets most excited about. Especially the kids. Actually, who am I kidding. I get just as excited as they do.

I like that it’s delicious and can be served on paper plates with no silverware. I have a few philosophy’s in life. Being kinds and going vegan is one of them of course. And using eco friendly paper plates as much as possibly. I know it’s a flaw that I don’t like doing dishes. Yes, I am a flawed vegan cook.

vegan mexican pizza 2

This vegan Mexican pizza starts with an awesome tasty bean base. You add that to a little heat from jalapenos, some sweetness from tomatoes and corn, and top it off with a delicious vegan cheese recipe. It really is simple to make and so much healthier than your standard pizza. It’s ok to go crazy on pizza night with the kids. Just make sure it’s a healthier vegan pizza like this one.

Veggieful came up with this unique vegan Mexican pizza idea and took the great photo. You can get this easy vegan recipe on their blog by clicking here.

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