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Vegan Mushroom and Cashew Lasagna

This is not your typical lasagna. This Vegan Mushroom and Cashew Lasagna recipe is definitely different and is so worth trying. It’s really a lasagna recipe in name only. The basic structure is there but it’s so much more than that. No red sauce. Just lots of taste and nutrition.

This dairy-free lasagna is seriously divine! Mushroom and kale when put together is spectacular. And you won’t believe how cashews can be so creamy! This delectable piece is better than the regular lasagna with tomato sauce. It’s a richer tasting version and the outstanding list of ingredients will knock you off your feet. how to make vegan mushroom and cashew lasagna

The layer of sauce on top is mouthwatering. The way creamy nuttiness marries the leafy green and mushroom rounds out a hearty dish ready to be savored. It’s really a taste combination you should experience for yourself. It’s quite delicious and unique. You will enjoy every bite.

This innovative vegan lasagna recipe and photos are courtesy of Oh My Veggies. It’s never too late to bake this and enjoy it for the first time. You can get the recipe for this Vegan Mushroom and Cashew Lasagna by clicking here.

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