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Vegan Mushroom Balls

If you’re looking for a sweet and sour vegan appetizer, this is what you’re looking for. These Vegan Mushroom Balls have all the flavor, texture, and protein,  with no cholesterol and no saturated fat. You will love them.

It’s interesting that mushrooms can be used in a variety of ways. The mushroom really is an amazing vegan food. Vegans use it as the ‘meat’ of a burger, and also as the bun in burgers. Check out a great vegan mushroom burger where it’s the meat HERE, and one where it’s the bun to make vegan mushroom ballsThis recipe mimics the looks of an animal-based appetizer balls, only it is fortified with chunkier chopped mushrooms to create a hearty meat-like texture. This also features grainy mustard and vegan-friendly Worcestershire for boosting flavor. You’ll know that it’s perfectly made by the tasty brown exterior and the sauce added on top.

These are great for just about any kind of family get together or party. If your friends are vegan they will be a hit, and if you have omnivore guests they will love these as well. This is just a really delicious and easy vegan recipe to make. You will cook it again and again.

These photos and this vegan appetizer recipe are courtesy of The Veg Life. Try this clever Vegan Mushroom Balls recipe by clicking here.

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