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Vegan Mushroom Tacos

If you’re a kind of a person who get excited about vegan taco recipes, then these Vegan Mushroom Tacos are perfect for you. They are full on flavor without all the meat and animal products in standard American tacos. Full of flavor and delicious vegan food ingredients.

This is a fact some people don’t know. Mushrooms are not a part of a plant based diet. Because they aren’t plants. While mushrooms are a tasty vegan food you can enjoy they aren’t plants. They are fungi. It’s a simple distinction, but one I trip some of my friends up with as a trivia question sometimes. how to make vegan mushroom tacosThis is an exciting recipe full of rich tasty flavor. These tacos are filled with soft earthy mushrooms with just the right amount of white onions and cilantro. This vegan recipe adds crema which is the Mexican version of crème fraiche. It’s a healthy cream soured with lime juice and zest to add a rich and tangy flavor. It’s really the secret that sets this entire vegan recipe off!

If you’re into spice, top it with jalapeno. I know I like my Mexican food a but spicier than most so I always love to kick the flavor up a few notches. But if you prefer a more tame experience then you will certainly love this easy vegan taco recipe. It’s quite delightful and suitable for any palette. This warm tortilla is light, healthy, delicious and the salsa verde really delicious too.

These photos and vegan Mexican recipe are courtesy of Kiss My Bowl. You can get the recipe for these Vegan Mushroom Tacos by clicking here.

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