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Supreme Vegan Nacho Taco Fries

I made a promise two weeks ago that I would stop eating so much vegan Mexican food. Promise. Broken. These vegan taco fries are just too hard to resist. They combine all of the unhealthy foods that I love all into one dish. Tacos, Nachos, Fries, Cheese. But the good news is that it’s all vegan food.

This dish is infinitely more healthy for you than some nachos from Taco Bell. You can indulge in this incredible dish nearly guilt free. The refried beans, diced tomatoes and diced onions get things started and it only gets better from there.

vegan taco fries 1

You add one of the most incredible vegan cheese sauces I’ve ever tasted with some perfectly cooked fries and begin approaching taco nacho fry heaven! The Kitchen Grrrls are to blame for me breaking my Mexican food hiatus and I intend to send them a message and let them know about it. After I eat some more of this awesome vegan Mexican food goodness of course.

You can ramp this recipe up with your own ingredients or additions that you love. Or just serve it ‘as is.’ It’s a simple vegan Mexican recipe you will love! Get the full recipe by clicking here!

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