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Vegan No-Bake Chocolate Layer Cake

I have found that almost every person alive has a weakness for at least one of two things. Those are cheese and chocolate! This can be especially trying for someone trying to go vegan who is having cravings. We have many recipes to help you with you cheese craving. You can check out this article on 11 Vegan Cheeses, or this one on how to make the most amazing vegan nacho cheese ever.

This article will make all of us chocolate lovers happy. Not only is this chocolate cake to die for, it’s also really easy to make! Who knew a no-bake chocolate layer cake could look and taste like this with no baking involved? This makes my chocolate loving vegan heart go pitter patter.

no bake chocolate layer cake 4

Richa over at vegan richa came up with this masterpiece. Just looking at it makes my mouth water! I can imagine right now, the sweet chocolate flavor of this amazing cake. And an ice cold glass of soy milk!

no bake chocolate layer cake 3

Big thanks to Vegan Richa for creating this amazing vegan chocolate cake recipe and mouth watering photos. If you want to try this amazing chocolate layer cake recipe you can head on over to Vegan Richa by clicking here.

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