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Vegan Noodles In Miso Soup Broth

Vegan noodle recipes are some of my favorites and vegan miso soup makes me super happy. Combining them into one dish is genius. This recipe for vegan noodles in miso soup is perfections. What a great vegan food for lunch.

Ok, I don’t say this very often but this vegan recipe is just amazing. It’s brilliant actually. It combines all the convenience of noodles with all the added flavor and fresh taste of vegetables and rich miso broth. You can prepare them ahead of time to take to work, school or just to have handy when you suddenly get hungry. Just add some hot water, stir and pig out like a college student.

Vegan Noodles And Miso Soup Broth

The other thing I love about this recipe is that it works with a wide variety of noodles. So no matter what your favorite noodle is it will work perfectly with this recipe. You can use thai noodles, ramen style noodles, or even Italian pasta! When you combine your favorite noodles with the awesome soup broth and fresh vegetables and spices, this vegan noodle recipe will fast become one of your favorites.

This recipe for noodles couldn’t be simpler. You just need a few ingredients, some noodles and two easy steps. You can make these in advance to use later and they always taste good. We’d love for you to try these and then let us know what you think. Can you really make amazing soup in just three minutes? Yes you can with this easy vegan recipe.

This great vegan soup recipe and photos are courtesy of Serious Eats. You can get this recipe for Vegan Noodles In Miso Soup Broth by clicking here.

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  1. Won’t the noodles get oversaturated and soggy? That’s what always happens to mine.

  2. This does look good.
    I started cooking my broccoli in veggie broth and eat/drink it like soup when in a pinch or hurry. 🙂

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