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Vegan Orange Cashew Cream Filled Donuts

Are you ready for another great vegan donut recipe? These Vegan Orange Cashew Cream Filled Donuts will smash silly donut stereotypes. These are lovely, fluffy, healthy, delicious and easy to make!

There are 5 reasons why these donuts are the best. First, these donuts are portion size; you can get away with it as a light nibble or snack. Second, they are baked not fried. Third, this recipe used oats, chia seeds, and fruit. Fourth, it’s easy to whip up. Lastly, it’s budget-friendly. how to make vegan orange cashew cream filled donuts

These donuts have fluffy insides and they look really tasty. They are wonderfully light and soft in texture. Plus, the middle is filled with citrus cream which will become your absolute favorite flavor. This incredible pastry is a perfect weekday treat. I usually make them and enjoy as a breakfast on the run kind of thing. But hey, you do you as far as your donut cravings go.

If you thought that the words “healthy” and “doughnut” didn’t go together then maybe it’s time to reconsider that. With some of the worst parts of the donut, like frying, removed and healthy ingredients added, these donuts are at least healthier. Donuts as a healthy vegan food? Perhaps.

This vegan dessert recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Healthy Happy Life. You can get this Vegan Orange Cashew Cream Filled Donuts Recipe by clicking here.

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