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Vegan Lunch Pancakes With Avocado

It’s time for your pancake to have a total make over. This Vegan Lunch Pancakes With Avocado recipe is groundbreaking. Get ready to change everything you know about the pancake. Yes it’s a great idea to have a pancake for lunch and this easy vegan recipe proves it.

Vegan pancakes aren’t just for breakfast anymore. You will take that delicious light fluffy breakfast treat and turn it into an amazing vegan lunch idea with this great recipe. Vegan food is so flexible and exciting when you get creative. A vegan diet definitely doesn’t have to be boring.

vegan pancakes with avocado and tomato easy healthy plant based diet

This plant based food is a matter of combining simple items and figuring out how to make them look better when mixed. Chickpea flour, large avocado, finely chopped spring onion tops, lemon, chopped spring capsicum,, halved cherry tomatoes and watercress were quite the obvious choice for not only healthy, but fun pancake ingredients.

The end result is something you will love on your lunch plate. It’s bright, colorful and delicious. The one thing it has in common with those breakfast pancakes we love so much is that it’s filling and satisfying. Dig in and enjoy. Pancakes, they aren’t just for breakfast any more.

how to make vegan pancakes with avocado and tomato

This vegan recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Delicious Everyday. You can get this Vegan Lunch Pancakes With Avocado Recipe by clicking here.

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