Vegan Pasta Shells With Vegan “Meat Sauce”

Where are my pasta lovers at? Today is your lucky day. This Vegan Pasta Shells With Vegan “Meat Sauce” is just incredible. This recipe is incredibly inexpensive, but without sacrificing the taste and elegance.

With this creative idea you can save a pile of cash while enjoying a healthy vegan food. I mean, who doesn’t love pasta right? Most pasta is vegan by default so it’s very friendly to a vegan diet. Just check the labels first for eggs. This recipe uses pasta shells, my favorite.

vegan pasta shells with sauce recipe

This is a great vegan pasta dish that requires very little prep. Pasta is traditionally a staple for Italian cuisine. Pasta dishes are also known as a delicious, go-to option for a quick dinner. It’s basically everyone’s favorite at our house.

With the perfect sauce there are few things better than pasta shells. Pasta shells and cheese is a vegan recipe that makes my family come running to the table every time. This recipe uses peeled and minced carrot, dried oregano, dried basil and thyme, a dash of red pepper flakes, red miso paste, tomato paste, gluten-free pasta shells, and chickpeas.

The pasta dish is so simple and delicious. The gluten free “meat” sauce is totally incredible. Every tender shell is coated with the sauce. You are guaranteed amazing flavor in every single bite. Finally, a copious amount of vegan Parmesan cheese and fresh basil finishes this gorgeous dish.

This is also a great dish for those that ask where you get your protein. It has plenty. The chickpeas really save the day in this recipe. They might just be the worlds most perfect vegan food. It seems like I use them in everything.

This easy vegan pasta recipe is really hearty and filling. But if you want some yummy addition, you can give it a splash of red white, or a couple of spoonful of capers to the sauce. What’s an Italian dish without a glass of wine right?

I really don’t think you should need any more convincing at this point. Let’s get to the recipe. You can get this Vegan Pasta Shells With Vegan “Meat Sauce” recipe by clicking next page below.

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