Vegan Peanut Ginger Curry Chickpeas Over Brown Rice

Thumbs up if you like comfort food. This Vegan Peanut Ginger Curry Chickpeas Over Brown Rice Recipe is incredibly yummy. It is peanut buttery, spicy curried ginger, chickpea bliss, fluffy rice, and sweet goodness. Have a great time experimenting and re-creating curries using this recipe.

The perfect satisfying, delicious and easy comfort food comes in a warm homey bowl of curry. If you agree that curry is the ultimate comfort food, then this recipe is definitely for you. Curry is a fragrant and delicious vegan to make vegan peanut ginger curry chickpeas over brown rice

Curry originated from India. But curries have become well known in other parts of the world due to its mysterious characteristic. It is a dish packed with flavor through the use of complex combinations of white rice, meat, vegetables, and spices. When you need to make a vegan version, this homemade vegan recipe is great.

Creamy, flavorful, accented with dates and ginger, this warm vegan and gluten free dish is awesome. It highlights the taste of the chickpeas, cashews, non-dairy milk, peanut butter, peeled and roughly chopped fresh ginger, chopped flat leaf parsley, pitted Medjool dates, and cooked brown rice.

The chickpeas are nice and tender and the thick sauce spooned generously over the top is amazing. The blend is smooth and golden. The diced mango on the sides looks interesting. The fresh parsley and crashed peanuts too.

Impress your guests with this meal. This dish features uncomplicated ingredients and with only 30 minutes of cooking time the result is fantastic. This one is not super expensive to make, it’s delicious, healthy, and simply comfort food at its best.

This vegan recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Healthy Happy Life. You can get this Vegan Peanut Ginger Curry Chickpeas Over Brown Rice Recipe by clicking here.

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