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Vegan Peppermint Patty Recipe

There is no other cookie, snack or dessert that taste like a peppermint patty. Just biting into one conjures images of snow, winter, Holidays and Christmas. These vegan peppermint patties are easy to make and delicious. Perfect for parties or entertaining.

The best things about this vegan holiday recipe is the taste. The next best things is how easy it is to make. You only need 7 ingredients to make these peppermint patties and if you cook much at all you probably have most of them right now. In my case I had them all in my kitchen. There isn’t really any ‘junk’ in these peppermint patties either. Of course they wouldn’t be considered a health food, but if you are going to indulge in sweets over the holidays these are certainly a wise choice. Grab a peppermint patty and enjoy it guilt free!

vegan peppermint patties recipe

This recipe and the great pics come to us via Noming Thru Life. You can get the recipe for these vegan peppermint patties here.

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