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Vegan Pesto Pasta With Green Beans And Potatoes

If you’re interested in pesto, this recipe would be a great fit for you. This Vegan Pesto Pasta With Green Beans And Potatoes is a healthy and delicious way to enjoy pasta dinner.

There are as many pasta dishes as there are stars in the sky. I heard that line in a movie several years ago and it’s true. Many people only like pasta with red sauce, others with alfredo. I’m a person who will eat pasta just about anyway you cook it as long as it’s vegan. And this is a great vegan pasta to make vegan pesto pasta with green beans and potatoes

From the pictures you will see a terrific combination of trimmed and cut green beans, trofie pasta, small potatoes, fresh basil leaves, pine nuts and freshly ground black pepper. There is such a wide flavor profile in this simple pasta dish you will love it.

I like that it’s so much more than just pasta and a sauce. Adding in some healthy green beans and energy giving potatoes really kicks things up a notch. You can serve this as a stand alone meal and not feel hungry for hours after you eat it. This is what healthy vegan food should look like.

This vegan recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Robin Robertson. You can get this Vegan Pesto Pasta With Green Beans And Potatoes Recipe by clicking here.

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