Vegan Pink Sushi Rolls

This is absolutely the cutest Vegan Sushi. This delicious plant strong option is delicious and will give you all the vegan feels. Plus, you’ll get a Spicy Pink Mayo recipe that can be used in many other vegan recipes..

This recipe has found a clever way to create sushi. It has different color and shape that will get children and grown-ups to eat up and clear their plate. The veggies are rolled up tightly in a sheet of nori and thin layer of rice. how to make vegan pink heart-shaped sushi

They are pressed in a half heart shape to look more attractive. It has vibrant colors and strong level of detail that will make you feel happier. Just look at the combination of pink rice, sweet potatoes, and thinly sliced yellow bell peppers and purple carrots.

They look so good and amazing. Serve with a side of spicy pink mayo sauce for dipping, topped with sesame seeds – this recipe is remarkable! It’s so easy to make there’s really no reason to go to a Japanese restaurant to eat raw seafood.

The Plant Strong Vegan invented this recipe and incredible photos. You can get the Vegan Pink Heart-Shaped Sushi recipe here.

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