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Vegan Pistachio Milk

This Vegan Pistachio Milk recipe will change up your usual almond milk. If you are like me I bet you have probably never tried pistachio milk. Heck, I had never even thought of it before. But it makes sense if you think about it.

Just ten years ago it was hard to find plant based milks in grocery stores. That was the case where I live anyway. Now you can get so many different kinds of dairy free milk is amazing. There is almond milk and soy milk of course. Those are the two most popular. But now you can get rice milk, coconut milk, cashew milk and more to make vegan pistachio milkThe one thing I have never seen is pistachio milk. In fact I’ve never even considered it until I saw this recipe this week. I was looking for non dairy plant based milk recipes when I stumbled onto this one. Well of course I had to try it immediately and I was glad I did. That’s why I’m sharing it.

I’ll be honest and tell you that this recipe is only for the serious. You will need a powerful high speed blender and a nut bag. And it takes about six hours from start to finish. Most of that is just prep for the nuts but you will need to plan ahead. But don’t let that dissuade you. It’s more than worth the effort.

This recipe is best for warm drinks. Think about the holidays and egg nog. Or maybe a hot cup of hot chocolate. It has magical qualities when you are drinking a hot beverage like that. If you don’t believe me then you must try it at least once!

The Healthy Maven created these photos and this dairy free plant based milk recipe. You can get the recipe for this Vegan Pistachio Milk by clicking here.

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