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Vegan Pizza Recipe

This is my favorite vegan pizza recipe. We have posted many vegan pizza recipes on the site like this Vegan BBQ Pizza, or this Simple Vegan Pizza. But the recipe I’m going to share with you in this post is my absolute favorite. And for reasons you will understand quickly!

Other that taste, the one thing that made me fall in love with this pizza is that it’s easy! If you give me the choice of an easy vegan recipe or a hard one, guess which I will choose? The hardest part of the pizza is always the dough. You have to get that part right.

easy vegan pizza recipe dough parmesan cheese crust pizza sauce fresh home made

There are so many ways to make a pizza without cheese. There are so many delicious vegan pizza toppings you can use. The options and variety are endless and limited only by your taste and creativity. But making that perfect pizza dough. especially finding a good vegan pizza dough recipe can be challenging.

This is why I am loving this pizza. There are a couple of options to you and both of them are super easy. First there is a great seasoned pizza dough you can buy that is vegan and tastes amazing. No fuss. And of course there is the option to make your own with an included home made pizza dough recipe.

Once you have that perfect dough the rest is really easy. Layer on the rich delicious sauce as heavy or as light as you like. Load up on the tasty vegan pizza toppings. And cook it up until you have the most perfect vegan pizza crust ever!

Now lets talk about Parmesan cheese. Personally I don’t want a pizza that doesn’t have this component. I can live without all that thick melty cheese action. Even if it is vegan cheese I don’t necessarily need it. But I want to dust it with that authentic Parmesan cheese flavor. And there is the easiest vegan Parmesan cheese recipe included that you will love. It puts this pizza over the top!

Is your mouth watering yet? I know mine is. If you are a true pizza lover how can you resist? This amazing vegan pizza recipe and photos are courtesy of minimalist baker. You can get this Vegan Pizza Recipe by clicking here.

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