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Baked Vegan Pizza Sub Sandwich

If you like pizza, and who doesn’t, you will love these vegan baked pizza sub sandwiches! It’s everything you love about pizza and baked sandwiches all rolled up into one awesome meal.

We have an oven baked sub shop in my town and I used to be their best customer. That was a long time ago though. Back before I went vegan. It makes you really wonder why all of these food companies don’t offer a vegan option. I called them one time and asked if they would bake me one with no cheese and only veggies. They laughed and told me there was no way they could do that. As with all things, what you make at home is better anyway. That’s why I love this vegan sub sandwich recipe.

These beautiful baked subs are stuffed with roasted tomatoes, red onion, vegan mozzarella shreds, sauteed portabella mushrooms and more. When you fold everything into some pizza dough and bake it to perfection the end result is magical. It’s kind of like a calzone, mixed with a pizza, mixed with a sandwich. The secret to this delicious baked sub is the roasted tomatoes. The bring out this rich roasted flavor that you have to taste to believe. You will find out how to make them to perfection.

vegan baked pizza sub ingredients recipe

You can eat them straight from the oven as they come, or you can dip them in your favorite marinara sauce. The possibilities are endless. I personally like to dip mine is my homemade fresh marinara sauce. It just sets the entire pizza sub off in the perfect way.

This vegan pizza sub recipe is courtesy of Oh My Veggies. You can get the recipe for this Baked Vegan Pizza Sub Sandwich by clicking here.

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