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Vegan Polenta Grits Hot Cereal With Berry Swirl

If cornmeal is your kind of breakfast, then this Vegan Polenta Grits Hot Cereal With Berry Swirl will amaze you. This has the hearty, nutty, thick texture you will love. Forget about the girts your grandma in the south made. This vegan breakfast recipe is so much better.

This is a toasty warm, super cozy recipe! This brilliant meal consists of frozen dried blueberries, hemp seeds, almond milk, coconut sugar and earth balance on top. It’s sweet and savory, creamy, and delicious. There are so many great vegan foods in this dish, it’s to make vegan creamy polenta grits hot cereal with berry swirlThe grits are soft and hearty and cooked to perfection. And the berry sauce is smooth and thick. Topped with pumpkin seeds and non-dairy milk, this recipe is a lot of things and fantastic is one of them. It’s truly wonderful, not to mention the gorgeous swirl of strawberry sauce.

I know this sounds like an amazing vegan breakfast recipe and it is. I want to tell you a little secret though. I love to eat this for dinner as well. This is such a great recipe with so many flavors and textures that you will enjoy it any time of the day. It’s a truly versatile vegan recipe.

This vegan breakfast recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Healthy Happy Life. You can get this Vegan Polenta Grits Hot Cereal With Berry Swirl Recipe by clicking here.

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