Vegan Portobello Chili With Shiitakes And Fennel

There are many reasons to make this Vegan Portobello Chili With Shiitakes And Fennel recipe. Chili is one of those meals that is great anytime. I love it after a long day of work as much as at a dinner party with friends. And it’s great as a comforting winter food just as well as a summer family get together.

I can tell you were are like vegan chili experts at my house. I always try new recipes that look appetizing to me and of course I have a file full of favorites. Let me tell you where this creative vegan chili recipe is going. Yep. It is headed for the favorites box.

This recipe yields a rich and flavorful sauce, the perfect foundation of any chili.  The succulent Portobello is a delicious and hearty replacement for meat. It not only adds some weight to the chili but gives it a great flavor as well. A handful of shiitakes and fennel bulb make this crazy dish robust and filling.

If you are wondering where such a unique chili recipe comes from, let me tell you. One day the creator planned on making a stew. At the last minute a craving for chili came up and an idea was born. What if the stew ingredients were put into a chili recipe. And that is the made genius behind this amazing vegan chili.

how to make vegan portobello chili with shiitakes and fennel

Keepin it Kind is the creator of these photos and easy vegan recipe. You can get this Vegan Portobello Chili With Shiitakes And Fennel recipe by clickin here.

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