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Vegan Potato And Vegetable Coconut Curry

It’s good to have this Vegan Potato And Vegetable Coconut Curry when a Indian craving hits. It’s simple, flavorful and has tons of veggies and of course it’s vegan. One of the reasons I love Indian food so much is that it’s very flavorful and so easy to make vegan.

A lot of my vegan friends are intimidated by cultural foods. Often they seem like they would be hard to make and if you aren’t a seasoned cook they won’t turn out right. Let me tell you this is wrong. There are a ton of great dishes from around the world that are easy to make and turn out amazing. Indian vegan food is great. Try this easy vegan recipe and to make vegan potato and vegetable coconut curryThis so good and easy vegan recipe unveils a warming Indian fix – the kind that can be the next big thing. So, two things: First, there are potatoes, frozen vegetables, cauliflowers, and refrigerated coconut milk served over Basmati rice. Second, how crazy delectable is that? It’s easy and less expensive, you add everything in a large pan, stir and let simmer.

That’s it. This spicy, creamy food is so good and comforting. It’s great during the middle of winter when you need some warm vegan food to warm you up. Or it’s just as delicious in the middle of summer as a bowl full of yummy flavors to enjoy.Grab your spoon and start digging in!

This vegan recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of The Pretty Bee. You can get this Vegan Potato And Vegetable Coconut Curry Recipe by clicking here.

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