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Vegan Pumpkin Cheese Ball

I love the fall, pumpkins, cheese dips, and this vegan pumpkin cheese ball. You know the situation. It’s a party and there is a tray with some crackers and a cheeseball sitting there. If you’re vegan you have to stay away. No rich dip on a chip or cracker for you! This vegan cheese ball will solve that and it’s shaped like a pumpkin.

When fall arrives it’s like a vegan holiday for me. So many great vegan food to eat. And I love discovering new vegan recipes too. Many of them involve using pumpkin as an ingredient. That’s what fall is for right? But this one doesn’t use pumpkin at all. It just looks like one. It’s so cute!


If you are having a Halloween themed party in October, or a Thanksgiving party perhaps, you will want some delicious appetizers. Dips and chips are always a hit at parties and so are cheese balls. This great vegan recipe idea combines the season and cheese balls to give you this beautiful vegan pumpkin cheese ball.

And we go a step further in this recipe. Because you can add great vegan crackers and chips to dip in this this massive delicious cheese pumpkin. And you can also add some nice vegan meats and sausages to stack on on that cracker. In these pictures we see some delicious vegan chorizo and one salsiccia. How great does that look?

If you are ready to impress this holiday season you will want this great vegan holiday recipe. These beautiful photo’s and recipe are courtesy of Planticize and you can learn how to make this vegan pumpkin cheese ball on the next page below.

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