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Vegan Pumpkin Cheese Ball

If you love the fall, pumpkins, and cheese dips, then you will want to make this vegan pumpkin cheese ball. You know the situation. It’s a party and there is a tray with some crackers and a cheeseball sitting there. If you’re vegan you have to stay away. No rich dip on a chip or cracker for you! This vegan cheese ball will solve that and it’s shaped like a pumpkin.

This is such a great vegan recipe. Another way to add some vegan food everyone will love to your holiday party or get together. It works just as well for Halloween as it does for Thanksgiving. Everyone will be piling those crackers up high and talking about how smart you are. Go ahead, enjoy all of the accolades.


You will need several different kinds of vegan cheese to make this recipe happen. The great this is that there is no right or wrong cheese to use. The recipe from planticize will give you the cheeses they use, but if you have favorites feel free to use them instead.

To top the presentation and eating experience off make sure you put some vegan sausages out there so people can load up on those crackers. A layer of cheese, a layer of vegan sausage, a sip of wine…heaven.

First you will want to assemble the following ingredients. Make sure you have them now, or make a shopping list and go shopping! Don’t forget to buy your favorite vegan sausages and meats too. Or the ingredients to make your own if you have a favorite.

16 oz (454 g) – vegan cream cheese
12 oz (340 g) – vegan cheddar cheese, grated
¼ cup (ca ½ dl) – salsa
¼ cup (ca ½ dl) – onion, very finely chopped/minced
½ jalapeño pepper – deseeded and very finely chopped
1 tsp (5 ml) – cumin
ca 1 Cup (2.4 dl) – crushed, orange-colored vegan chips. I used chilli flavored cassava chips, but there are also vegan nachos/doritos out there.
Optional: 1 large, bell pepper stem – for decoration.

After you have everything assembled and ready to go, you can get the preparation instructions for this great recipe by clicking here.

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