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Vegan Pumpkin Pie Holiday Cookies

Have you ever made vegan pumpkin pie cookies? If not you should. And make sure to make plenty. You will see the first batch you make of these vegan pumpkin pie cookies disappear almost instantly. This is a great vegan holiday recipe. If you like to make holiday cookies for Thanksgiving or Christmas you should try these. So easy and quick to make.

These are cookies made from a base cake mix. It’s a collaboration that delivers one of the most amazing things you will ever eat. You will actually need a sugar cookie mix which is a great place to start. But it gets better. The pumpkin filling is a stroke of genius relying on a pumpkin puree with a vegan cream cheese mix. This is the simplest vegan holiday cookie recipe we’ve seen.

vegan pumpkin pie cookies

If it seems like this recipe takes a lot of shortcuts to make them super easy to make you are right. That’s one of the things that makes this easy vegan recipe so appealing. But don’t think the end results is anything less than amazing. No one will know how easy they are to cook. Don’t tell them and let them think it was hard.

Cake loves, cookies lovers, vegans, non-vegans, and everyone else will devour these delicious vegan dessert treats. Nobody can eat just one. I dare you to make them and try. Since they are so simple to make and are so different to anything else people are making, everyone will love you for them. You will love this vegan holiday recipe.


If you are ready to add this creative vegan dessert recipe to your collection, You can get it from The Veg Life who created it by clicking here.

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