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Vegan Purple Pie

When’s the last time you discovered something new? After this recipe you wouldn’t believe any negative comments against vegan desserts. When healthy good for you treat is needed, this Vegan Purple Pie is the real deal. And it happens to be gluten free too. People will really want this!

Sometimes it feels like we’ve exhausted all the ways to bring something new to a pie. But like individuals, no two recipes are alike which is why this vegan dessert is phenomenal. There’s always something to discover with vegan eats. If the word “pie” only makes you think of the dairy-filled recipes, oops, you’re wrong. Wonderful news is that this easy healthy vegan treat is so awesome, it’s packed with tons of nutrients into a delicious slice you can enjoy anytime.

vegan purple pie healthy easy plant based dietLet’s take a look at the ingredients: almond meal, unsweetened shredded coconut, peeled and cut purple yams, coconut milk, fresh lime juice, cinnamon, and all spice. As the ingredients suggest, this treat contains irresistible taste. So cool!

How often do you come across a divine vegan dessert? You can get this Vegan Purple Pie on the next page below.

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