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Vegan Queso Dip

Striking and utterly irresistible balance between cheezy accents and loads of spices, this Vegan Queso Dip is one of those flavors that everyone loves. Though it’s made from only a few simple ingredients, it has an incredibly rich and silky texture and bold flavor. It is very versatile too!

Packed with sweet and salty goodness, gooey texture and smooth consistency, queso is often used as a dip or sauce for tortilla chips, French fries, potato chips, crackers etc. It is immensely popular as a delicious appetizer usually made of melted cheese, chili, sour cream and cornstarch served with nachos. However that’s not what you should settle for. Here is a unique, mostly, for the Cajun spice blend, real crowd pleaser, and tastes great with chips or crackers vegan queso dip recipe.

This stuff is amazing! This recipe work with raw cashews, nutritional yeast, green chilies, non-dairy milk, Cajun seasoning blend, cumin powder,  and turmeric. It tells you to add some lime and cilantro for garnish. Then just incorporate all the ingredients together and you’ll have a thick and intense creamy flavor with bright orange and teal color combo. And for more heat in a flash, add in a few pinches of cayenne. Lastly a hint of lime and fresh cilantro on top adds a pleasing effect.

how to make vegan queso dipIf that doesn’t qualify as one of the best dip recipes, I don’t know what will. What more can you ask for a pile of veggie sticks, and a person to chat to over an incredible bowl of vegan queso? Invite everyone over and watch your vegan snack disappear. You should make extra.

This vegan recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Healthy Happy Life. You can get this Vegan Queso Dip Recipe by clicking here.

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