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Vegan Quinoa Apple Crisp

Why is quinoa in this vegan apple crisp recipe? Because it’s amazing, that’s why. If you’re trying to utilize your slow cooker, then you should try this Vegan Quinoa Apple Crisp. It’s incredibly delicious and a perfect snack for the family.

We had apple crisp all of the time when I was a kid. Our school served it at least once a week. I also had a relative that made it often. I guess that’s why I always thought of it as a kids food. But this vegan apple crisp recipe is no kids food. I mean the kids will love it, but so will you. A nice vegan food dish that will enhance your vegan diet to make vegan quinoa apple crispThis vegan recipe is to die for. Just imagine the dollop of ice cream in mind-blowing soft and sweet stewed apples. It’s not only delicious it is awesome too. You’ll be staggered by how amazing this dessert is. The blend of quinoa apple crisp is perfect. And the coconut sugar adds a soft caramel flavor that goes well with the crisp.

This recipe is also free from butter, flour, and refined sugar. It’s perfect for the holidays, and a perfect way to use leftover apples. When you decide to make this recipe, you’ll find yourself singing in the kitchen because of the delectable smell it produces.

Simply Quinoa made these amazing photos and recipe possible. You can get the recipe for this Vegan Quinoa Apple Crisp here.

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  1. I love these recipes they look bomb I’ve only been vegan since June and was an avid baker it’s been a bit if a struggle figuring it out but so excited to try out some new dishes just made my first triple layer vegan vanilla bday cake for my boyfriend with mocha Choco chip frosting covered in fondant 14″ yikes turned out amazing and to my surprise all the non-vegan folks raved about it and had gone back for seconds and thirds ahaha I’m gonna make this next !! Yum

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