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Vegan Quinoa Superfood Brownies

Vegan brownies are one of the most searched recipes on our site. Everyone loves new and delicious vegan brown recipes and are always looking for more. These Vegan Quinoa Superfood Brownies are a nice twist on the standard recipe and they add a bit of protein to your favorite vegan dessert.

If one of your friends asked you for your favorite brownie recipe the first two ingredients you gave them were quinoa and butternut squash they would probably stop you right there and run away. They would definitely think you were crazy. Sure, quinoa and squash are healthy vegan foods but they don’t belong in brownies right? to make vegan quinoa browniesChallenging such traditional notions about what you can put into a dessert recipe lead to the creation of these vegan quinoa superfood brownies. This is a sweet dessert recipe that is also packed with superfoods like flax, quinoa, and butternut squash. They also contain rolled oats which are very healthy for you plus dark chocolate which has health benefits of it’s own.

A touch of quinoa, flax, and butternut squash. You will be surprised by just how amazing these brownies taste. They are more suitable for those on a vegan diet for weight loss, healthier for the kids, and even the adults can benefit from a more nutrient rich brownie. But don’t take my word for it. You really need to try these for yourself.

Loaded with nourishing ingredients, this simple, no-frills dessert is a masterpiece. Each brownie is filled with butternut squash and almond milk for a healthier bite. These are excellent to eat! Nosh And Nourish is responsible for this amazing vegan dessert recipe and photos. Try these Vegan Quinoa Superfood Brownies by clicking here.

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