Vegan Quinoa Power Bowl With Roasted Veggies

A perfect balanced meal is what you need to get the adequate nutrition for your body. This Vegan Quinoa Power Bowl With Roasted Veggies offer a lot of healthy veggies that will make a difference in your vegan diet. It will be your new love. Packed with amazing vegan food this is one awesome bowl.

There is nothing better than a huge bowl of roasted veggies mixed with quinoa and avocado sauce. Tender and packed with so many flavors – roasted vegetables are so amazing in the right vegan recipe. Take this vegan meal as an example. Each ingredient brings something special that makes the whole thing more satisfying.  Plus it’s full of essential components that are good for the body’s overall health.

vegan quinoa power bowls with roasted veggies healthy plant based dietPeeled and chopped up veggies, roasted to greatness, and drizzled with a bit of olive oil and creamy dreamy avocado sauce – a delicious treat to your body and the ultimate feel good meal. This vegan recipe is a unique take on vegetarian entrée. Here is what you’ll need: beets, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, asparagus, and a pan of toasted chickpeas. This meal will impress anyone, and yes, even the carnivores.

Are you ready to make this incredible veggie bowl? Get the recipe on the next page below.

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