Vegan Quinoa Tortilla Soup

A vegan soup with a Mexican flair? Yes! If you’re looking for a perfect bowl of warmth, then this Vegan Quinoa Tortilla Soup is perfect. It’s unbelievably delicious and perfect for the rainy winter days.

The flavors of Mexico and the southwest both lend themselves to vegan recipes so easily. When I first went vegan I would always be taking Mexican dishes and creating vegan versions of them because it was so easy. Mexican dishes lend themselves perfectly to vegan food. If I could create a vegan diet based on nothing but Mexican recipes I probably would!how to make vegan quinoa tortilla soupThis recipe will take you on a wonderful journey of whole foods that will give you energy to keep up with an active lifestyle. This soup look so substantial and appetizing, you’ll forget your worries. You’ll be obsessed by how striking this slow cooker is. The bulk of quinoa for much protein is seriously incredible.

If you are looking for vegan recipes that don’t involve a lot of work or stress then this one fits the bill. This is a great vegan crockpot recipe that is almost so easy you can set it and forget it. And the flavors of crockpot cooking are so much more intense. Yum!

Making Thyme For Health is the creator of this brilliant vegan soup recipe and photos. You know you want a delicious southern flavor, get the recipe for this Vegan Quinoa Tortilla Soup here.

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