Vegan Rainbow Carrots and Lentil Salad

Ever had a vegan salad that was as filling as a full meal? Check this vegan salad recipe out. If you’re looking for an easy meal that is both nutritious and will not leave you bloated, then this Vegan Rainbow Carrots and Lentil got you covered.

This salad is beautiful and vibrant. The way the carrots and lentils are mixed is impressive. The rainbow carrots are fantastic. They imbibe different nutrition that will boost your vision, prevent heart disease and various types of cancer, and full of digestion-friendly fiber. The lentil on the other hand adds a chewy texture to the salad. how to make vegan rainbow carrots and lentil salad

The lentils are a great vegan food, full of nutrition, great texture, and not mushy. The combination of the ingredients is loaded with protein and develops awesome flavors. It’s also full of iron so it’s actually good for those with anemia. This charming meal will make feel full and stay satisfied longer.

The great thing about this salad is the iron. If you are someone who has issues with iron as a vegan or you are concerned about it, lentils are the answer. They are packed with wholesome plant based iron and they are delicious. What a great vegan food to add to your vegan salads and other recipes.

Eat Spin Run Repeat is responsible for these tasty looking photos and recipe. You can get the recipe for this Vegan Rainbow Carrots and Lentil Salad here.

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