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Vegan Raisin Cinnamon Rolls

Is there anything better in the morning that a cinnamon roll? Yes, a vegan cinnamon roll! This Vegan Raisin Cinnamon Roll recipe is my new favorite. Primarily because it really tastes good and because it’s pretty easy to make.

I have always thought there were certain recipes we should nominate to be one of the basic vegan food groups. If I have that power, cinnamon rolls would definitely be on that list. So warm, and soft, and comforting with the cinnamon spice spell floating through the air. It’s can’t be beat. how to make vegan raisin cinnamon rollsThese cinnamon rolls are award-winning. Just one look at this scrumptious vegan recipe is drool worthy; you’ll want to dive right into eating these delights. The dough is made with the perfect combination of unsweetened plant-based milk, unbleached all-purpose flour, flax egg, and earth balance buttery spread, so it always comes out light, soft, and with the right texture.

The raisin and cinnamon makes a tasty filling and give these beautiful vegan pastries a beautiful color and flavor. After you get the dough right and you perfect the spices and raisins there is only one thing left to do. Drizzle on that sweet, sticky, addicting glaze topping. Have mercy, I get so hungry just thinking about them. I know what my vegan breakfast will be tomorrow morning.

These photos and delicious vegan breakfast recipe are provided by Sweet Salty Spicy. Be one of the people who enjoy this recipe one morning. Get this Vegan Raisin Cinnamon Rolls recipe by clicking here.

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