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Vegan Ramen

This Vegan Ramen recipe is a brilliant way to make noodles vegan-friendly. It’s strongly flavored without using any animal products. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like Ramen. Whether it’s the cheap kind you lived on in college or those served at upscale restaurants. This vegan noodle recipe is the best.

There is just something about Ramen noodles and the many recipe options they provide. You can use them in many ways and it’s so easy to make vegan recipes based around them. If you enjoy having noodles as part of your vegan diet then this is certainly a recipe you will love. vegan ramenIt starts with vegetable broth infused with ginger, onion, garlic and dried shiitake mushrooms. The fried tofu, miso–glazed carrots, baby bok choy and green onions provide a colorful, crunchy finish without the use of artificial color and preservatives. A bit of soy sauce and white miso paste also add to the depth of flavor. This is an exciting vegan food you will love.

The combination of ingredients makes an incredible aroma that your very picky housemates will surely love. This hearty, satisfying, ramen soup that looks like a bowl of perfection is absolutely better than those microwave packets. Serve it on a chilly day and this will be a huge hit in your household.

The Minimalist Baker is responsible for these stunning photos and recipe. You can get the recipe for this Vegan Ramen here.

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