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Vegan Raspberry Fudge Tart Recipe

These vegan raspberry fudge tarts are amazing. If you like raspberries and you like fudge tarts then you will love this vegan raspberry fudge tart recipe. So rich and sweet with an amazing chocolate fudge plus the light fresh sweetness of the raspberries.

This amazing dessert recipe is just incredible when you break it down layer by layer. Not only is the crust gluten free, the entire recipe is a lot more healthy for you than you would think. Could it be possible to have a vegan fudge tart that is healthy to eat? This may be the closest we have seen.


This amazing vegan dessert recipe starts out with a cocoa infused, gluten free, light and crisp pastry crust. You could just eat it alone and be happy. Yes, it’s just that good. When you start out with a recipe base that good you know it can only get better from there. And it does.

From there you proceed to fill that pastry crust up with the thickest, richest, sweetest chocolate fudge filling you can possibly imagine. It’s so thick, rich and delicious you will love every single bite of it. Then you top it all of with a beautiful sweet layer of fresh sweet raspberries and you have a vegan dessert to be proud of.

Did we mention the healthy secret thrown into this recipe for good measure? Yes, there is a healthy vegan food ingredient hiding in there.  That rich decadent fudge filling has a healthy chickpea base. Yep, this is a creative way to sneak healthy garbanzo beans into a vegan dessert recipe. And no one will even notice. They will just ask for more.

This easy vegan dessert recipe and these beautiful photos are courtesy of A Virtual Vegan. You can get this Vegan Raspberry Fudge Tart Recipe by clicking here.

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