Vegan Raw Avocado Soup

Another great vegan avocado recipe. In a beautifully tranquil, entirely indulgent setting, it is fitting to have this Vegan Raw Avocado Soup by your side. It will redefine all you’ve ever known about avocados. And then reignite the passion and connection that first made you fall in love with vegan.

Soup has always been a favorite by many for its warm, hearty, comforting feel. Using only the highest pleasing ingredients, this plant based soup is just one of the reasons people crave for vegan recipes. The emphasis on simple, straightforward recipe like this pushes people to try vegan dishes. It’s not about complexity, but quick and easy that will help increase health.

vegan raw avocado easy healthy plant based diet

It features a few ingredients that will satisfy your desire and make you ditch the unhealthy counterpart. Avocados, cucumber, celery stalk, small handful of fresh coriander, ground cumin, chopped chives, baby tomatoes and a pinch of ground paprika will steal your heart. These ingredients have properties that will help clear up skin and make you feel so much better.

Whether you’re vegan or not, this plant based food got you covered. It’s so yummy! It’s creamier than guacamole, greener than gazpacho, and simply the best. Soups are never made like this; it’s one of a kind! The Shimeji mushrooms for garnish will take your breath away. Everything is so likable!

how to make vegan raw avocado soup

A star in your list. This is one crazy awesome soup. The 4 servings this recipe can create will not just change your life, but make you more compassionate and concern about animal welfare.

This vegan recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of The Little Plantation. You can get this Vegan Raw Avocado Soup Recipe by clicking here.

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