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Vegan Raw Earl Grey Cheesecake

Why not sit back with a piece of delectable treat? This Vegan Raw Earl Grey Cheesecake is so light and flavorful that each bite will remind you of all the things you love.

Desserts are to die for! Especially when they are creamy, dreamy and decadent! Cheesecakes are a sweet dessert consisting of layers and layers of goodness. But the trick is they usually contain dairy products. And that’s not good since milk is supposed to be for baby cows. So, this version of cheesecake is made vegan and better! Also, this happens to be gluten-free, raw, and downright delicious!

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It combines the subtle flavor of tea with light, bright, refreshing burst of tart but sweet lemons. This is pretty cool! An all-good ingredients including almonds and medjool dates for the crust; soaked raw cashews, coconut cream, agave nectar, fresh lemon juice, and earl grey tea leaves for the filling; lastly, a cup of blueberries for garnish. If you’re thinking this thing is brilliant, you’re right! And if you’re feeling a bit intimidated doing raw desserts, don’t be scared, this is really easy to make.

Okay, you’re drooling over this creative vegan recipe. You can get the recipe for this Vegan Raw Earl Grey Cheesecake on the next page below.

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