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Vegan Raw Walnut Truffles

The other recipes will fear for their life.  These Vegan Raw Walnut Truffles will make you melt with delight. The multisensory experience when you take the first bite into these soft, rich, melt in the mouth covered with deliciousness treats is going to be embedded in you for the rest of your life.

Whatever your taste – this vegan food translates desserts into cost saving, super healthy, elegant and the ultimate treat for your diet. This easy vegan recipe is, nutritionally speaking, packed with nourishing treasures like omega 3 essential fats and remarkably high levels of rare antioxidants.

vegan raw walnut truffles easy healthy diet

Let’s face it. Vegan is comforting. The superstar of this easy vegan food is the mix of 5 basic ingredients kicking off this stunning recipe. Pitted dates, walnuts, vanilla extract, ground flax seed and homemade chocolate are only deliciously healthy ingredients that can create the sweetest chocolate covered dessert.

What a classic vegan treat! You can get the recipe for this Vegan Raw Walnut Truffles on the next page below.

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