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Vegan Red Velvet Snowballs

A healthier alternative for the holidays, or for any time if you’re like me! This Vegan Red Velvet Snowball Cookies is a breath of fresh air! You wouldn’t be able to put it down.

These cookie balls look elegant with their deep, red color poking out of the dough. You will really enjoy how beautiful and festive this looks. Rolled into coconut flakes, this no-bake wonder has a delightfully crunchy bite that will sneak up on you. This raw recipe version uses almonds, cacao butter, and beets! If you think that’s crazy, think again, because the texture that these combined ingredients make is similar to a cake ball. Definitely a dessert worth saving room for!

how to make vegan red velvet snowballs

Rawmazing is responsible for these shockingly beautiful photos and recipe. You can try this Vegan Red Velvet Snowball Cookies here.

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