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Healthier Vegan Rice Crispy Squares

Rice Crispy treats are basically sugar and cereal. And they aren’t vegan at all. Until now. This Vegan Rice Crispy Square recipe is not your ordinary commercial recipe with all of the sugar and marshmallow that are not vegan. If you’re all for brown grains, cocoa, or puffed quinoa you’ll surely enjoy this.

I remember the day I learned that marshmallows were not vegan. It was devastating because there were so many great dessert treats that used them. Of course Rice Krispy Treats were at the top of that list along with s’mores and other traditional favorites.

vegan healthy rice krispies squares recipe

The main draws of this recipe is that it’s not just vegan, but also delicious, and kid friendly. There is the familiar gooey feel and tastes better. With an added stir of vanilla extract and cinnamon for the taste of holiday, this square bar will satisfy your cravings. Many people like to eat rice crispy treats around the holidays like Christmas. But I find they are a great little sweet snack any time of year!

This moderately healthier Rice Krispy bar recipe is a creation of Healthy Happy Life. You can the recipe for this Vegan Square Rice Crispy by clicking here

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