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Vegan Rigatoni Pasta With Creamy Lemony Broccoli

Another easy vegan recipe for the pasta fans. A beautiful vegan recipe with savory tang, creaminess and heartiness. This Vegan Rigatoni Pasta With Creamy Lemony Broccoli is one you must try.

If you ask people to list their top ten favorite meals, pasta will almost always make the list. Being a plant based eater, I am always looking for new creative vegan pasta recipes to try. I love recipes that are unique as well as vegan versions of traditional favorites. And if they are easy to make that’s even better. how to make vegan rigatoni pasta with creamy lemony broccoliThis recipe features gluten-free and vegan rigatoni, broccoli florets, red pepper flakes, and Daiya mozzarella shreds. Of course you can choose the vegan cheese of your choice or leave it out altogether if you prefer. With those simple ingredients and a small time commitment you can be enjoying this delicious vegan pasta recipe.

The mozzarella and thick sauce combined with the pasta and broccoli looks divine and will absolutely melt in your mouth. The pasta is the central ingredient that holds all of these others together and makes for a satisfying centerpiece. Maybe this is why pasta is one of my favorite vegan foods.

This vegan recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Steph In Thyme. You can get this Vegan Rigatoni Pasta With Creamy Lemony Broccoli Recipe by clicking here.

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