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Vegan Roasted Vegetables Empanadas

If you’ve never tried empanadas, you need to change that! These Vegan Roasted Vegetables Empanadas are smaller, snack size pockets, manageable batch size, veggie filled and delectable. They are so puffy and perfect. The outside is crispy while the inside is nice and dense. Mmmm! That’s an impressive light brunch.

There are indeed lots of ways to get much-needed health boosting nutrients in your diet, but this is a pretty incredible one. Empanadas are stuffed with savory filling. They are a lovely food also known as turnovers or hand pies, which goes well with veggie platter or soup. They are so versatile and can be made with different filling options. With this vegan version you’ll be able to get fiber, vitamins, fat-free, and have fewer calories.

In order to get the best textured empanadas, ensure to use the following ingredients: diced medium beet, stemmed and seeded small jalapeno, chili powder, cumin, minced cilantro, diced medium sweet potato, corn starch, molasses, and Earth Balance. Make sure that the ingredients combine until the mixture resembles coarse crumbs. Then make sure not to over bake. When done correctly they should come out sturdy enough to hold the filling and puffed golden brown like the traditional non-vegan recipe.

how to make vegan roasted vegetable empanadasIt’s simple to make, all it takes is a few pulses in the food processor. Although the decoration is optional, it made the empanadas look more attractive. These turnovers are better than baked beef empanadas! And this recipe is great if you are serving more than six people.

This vegan recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Boards And Knives. You can get this Vegan Roasted Vegetable Empanadas Recipe by clicking here.

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