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Vegan Salted-Cashew Orange Cranberry Brownies

These Vegan Salted-Cashew Orange Cranberry Brownies are awesome and have a fresh and fruity aroma. This plant-based recipe is also gluten free and healthy. If you want to have some vegan dessert in your diet try this recipe out.

Brownies have been a standard dessert staple for hundreds of years. But they usually aren’t vegan. In fact they usually aren’t even very creative. Think about all the brownies you have ever seen. Weren’t they all pretty much the same? Not these! This recipe takes a basic vegan food idea to a whole new to make vegan salted-cashew orange cranberry browniesThus is a vegan brownie recipe you can get happy about. These brownies are full of chocolate and coconut mixed with oranges and cranberries, then topped by bites of salted cashews. They look beyond amazing! The best you’ve seen in a very long time. The chocolate is broken into small chunks and sprinkled on top.

Now, that’s a mouthwatering treat! This recipe is not just creative; these brownies look terrific and absolutely scrumptious. They are rich and fudgy too! You’ll see only perfection and harmony of ingredients in this dessert. Plus, it’s something you can do quickly. Whip up a batch of these amazing brownies and forget that vegan diet for a while.

This vegan dessert recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Contentedness Cooking. You can get this Vegan Salted-Cashew Orange Cranberry Brownies Recipe by clicking here.

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