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Vegan Seven-Layer BBQ Bowl

You must try this tall-layered Vegan Seven Layer BBQ Bowl! This recipe looks like a party. It’s packed with tongue enticing flavors that your mouth will detect as the world’s best taste ever.

You won’t get over this meal. I mean, look at that layers of goodness! This recipe will crawl into your mind and stay there. Creamy Guacamole, a tiny bit of vegan sour cream, and a few of black olives, pull up a chair and grab your spoon and start digging in! This tantalizing meal is also made up of sweet potato cubes which are sweet and amazing, spicy vegan BBQ sauce that help boost the flavor, diced sweet onion for fresh and zesty feel, homemade cashew cream and sprinkle of pepitas and cilantro for a fresh touch. This thing is absolutely divine! It’s supposed to be a dip, but those seven layers of love makes it great as an entrée too!

how to make vegan seven-layer bbq bowl

This vegan recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Happy Healthy Life. You can get this Vegan Seven-Layer BBQ Bowl Recipe by clicking here.


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